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Louisbourg Ship Supply & Service Ltd. Fishing Supplies in Cape Breton

We began our company in 1988 to service the local fishing fleet, but since then Louisbourg Ship Supply & Service Ltd. has only continued to grow and expand in our scope and services. Serving industrial Cape Breton, we work hard to make sure we're able to meet the needs of local fishing crews and more by supplying commercial fishing supplies, marine hardware and fisherman apparel. We also supply to fish plants, providing everything from the chemicals required to wash down factories to aprons, gloves and hair nets for workers.

We've added electronic parts to the products we provide, and we have an electronics specialist on staff to help customers by providing service 24/7. Among our other services, we manufacture lobster traps and cement ballasts, we perform hydraulic hose repairs for Gates® hydraulic hose fittings, and we are an authorized dealer for Mermaid Marine Products. If you'd like to learn more, or to get started with our services, we invite you to contact us today.

Mermaid Marine


Authorized dealer for Mermaid Marine Products

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Louisbourg Ship Supply & Service Ltd.

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